Grateful for Sunshine and Sunflowers

After a season of cold weather and snow like we haven’t had in at least a decade, it is time to enjoy sunshine and plan for the sunflowers. The weather has been teasing us with warmer days and more sunshine – very happy about this! To embrace the warmer days ahead, here’s some pictures of sun shiny days and sunflowers. Two good reasons to be grateful! 🙂

Gratitude = happiness. May you find both.

Have a wonderful day!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless


Back Yard Photographer – Sunflowers

The sunflowers in my yard have gone through quite a bit this year as they were trying to establish themselves in the garden. Squirrels and rabbits thought they were tasty and almost destroyed the plants completely. But these sunflower plants, stood strong and survived. These are dwarf sunflowers and only stand about two and a half feet. Butterflies and bees are now enjoying the sunflowers.

This year I focused on adding flowers and plants that would attract pollinators (butterflies and bees) along with adding color to the flower garden. These have turned out to be a good addition to the garden. Even though they were purchased on a whim (sales tend to make that happen!), they have worked out nicely.

Here’s a few shots taken over the past month. Hope you enjoy them!!

Painted Lady
Sweat Bee
Pearl Crescent
Group photo 🙂

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All photos are originals by Kim Lawless