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Back Yard Photographer – What is this bird??

Mid morning I glanced out the window that overlooks my back yard, just to see if there was any bird activity. It was time for a break and I wanted to get some more photos of the birds. I have a few ideas of what I would like to capture, but so far the birds have not been agreeing with me on their poses. 🙂 I grabbed my camera and headed out to my back yard.

I heard the usual cardinal song as well as the morning dove. I’m pretty sure I saw a red headed woodpecker or two fly by. Most of the birds were in the trees and hadn’t come out to the bird feeders yet. My prospects of getting pictures of birds during this break were looking bleak. Then I saw a group of birds fly over head to one of my favorite trees. As I hadn’t seen them up close I thought they were robins. Then I noticed that all of the birds in the group had landed near the top of this tree. I did think this was odd behavior for robins, but I thought could get some interesting photos. I took several photos.

The first few photos were of a lone robin at the top of a tree. He seemed to be enjoying the sunlight and the solitude.

I then switched my focus to the tree with all the birds. Here’s what I saw:

I could tell there were several birds and that they weren’t robins. When I looked at the photo on my laptop, I zoomed in on the image and saw a clearer picture:

I believe there are at least five birds in this shot. However, I still couldn’t tell what kind of a bird this was, so I zoomed in more on the photo:

I am pretty sure I had captured a photo of a very angry bird. But then, in the same photo there was this bird – it is the same type, just seems a bit happier…

Even after zooming in on these birds – I had no idea what they were. I consulted my favorite site: I believe these birds were European Starlings. Their plumage is spotted during winter. During mating season their bills are yellow, and their feathers are dark with purplish -green iridescent colors.

Now I know what this bird is. I wonder if I will remember in the spring when I see them with their spring plumage. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Hope you liked the photos!

All photos are originals by Kim Stites.