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Back Yard Photographer – Sparkles like Diamonds

The other morning when I took my dog outside for his morning stretch, the yard was sparkling with morning dew. It was beautiful! So I hurried my dog finish his stretching. I wanted to get back inside to grab my camera.

Getting photos of the morning dew has been on my list of most have photos to capture. Timing seemed to be on my side this particular morning.

I tried many different shots, some from a distance and some close up. Below are these attempts at capturing the morning dew. Hope you like them!

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All photos are originals by Kim Stites.


Back Yard Photographer – New Hope

Geranium Blooms

Gardening is not my thing. It doesn’t matter what kind of gardening. I’ve tried vegetable – because I love the taste of fresh vegetables. Growing up my parents always had a garden so we got to enjoy fresh veggies during the Summer months. My brother and sister-in-law also had lots of luck with a vegetable garden. For many years, my children were fortunate enough to get to have some of the veggies from my family’s gardens. From mine, they got to learn all the different critters that also enjoy fresh veggies. We referred to my garden as the Bunny’s Buffet as those were the ones who received the greatest benefit. 🙂

So I gave up on vegetable gardens and this year attempted flower gardens. I read about which plants would be deterrents to various critters, so those were the ones I purchased. I imagined months of colorful, blooming flowers – perfect for photos of nature, butterflies and birds. What a perfect back drop! Well, imagination obviously is not reality. I had a great time planting the flowers and tending to them. Then the generations of bunnies and ground squirrels invaded my yard and devoured the freshly planted flowers. I bought more flowers and this time I placed them in flower pots. More color for the photography back drop! To my amazement (yes, I should of known better, but I am an optimist…) these plants were devoured as well. Ground squirrels and rabbits can be amazing climbers! One time when I looked out my window, I saw one of the rabbits happily in the flower pot eating the merigolds. Argh!

This past winter I had nurtured a geranium by bringing it inside and tending to it through the cold months. Once the frost was gone, I excitedly took it outside. The bright red flowers are beautiful mixed in with the greenery. I was happy that I had kept it alive all winter and now it could be back outside where I could enjoy its colors. Then, the rabbits ate it. All my work – gone. The life of the plant – gone. I was done.

No more money spent on flowers. I still tended the garden by removing the weeds, and watering any of the flowers that showed hope of survival. There weren’t many and they soon died off as well. So, the birds benefited as I now paid even more attention to them. They got different types of food, new planters and fresh water to play in. My need to “be one” with nature was being met by the birds. But I was still sad about the flowers.

Even though I had given up, some of the heartier flowers had not. They have better timing than I do. They began to grow again, after the ground squirrel and rabbit population in our yard had decreased. I hadn’t done anything to these critters, so I like to believe they just moved on to find their home for winter. Yes, I know, it is natural that the flowers would grow after the rabbits and ground squirrels quit eating them. After all, they hadn’t really died. But I like to think of it as they survived; endured the devastation, and fought harder. They had strength and determination, which is all they needed.

Recently I have been happily surprised by these flowers as they have started blooming again. They greet me in the morning and enjoy the sunrise as I do. Some butterflies will land upon them and all starts to seem right with nature again.

So what does this have to do with hope? For me, it reinforces to never give up and keep trying as those better days will come. If a flower, near death, can push through against the odds and live another day to bloom, then I can, humanity can, we can all push through and bloom.

Below are a few photos of some of the flowers that survived. 🙂

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All photos are originals by Kim Stites.


Back Yard Photographer – The True Nebraska Landscape

Just a horse, a field and a windmill

Nebraska is probably best known as one of the flattest places on earth, with nothing much to see beyond corn fields. This is only partially true. Nebraska has rolling hills and open land for miles. There is a purity in the blueness of the skies and the greens of the trees and grasslands. The air is crisp and clean. Sure, if you are too close to a farm that “fresh” smell is probably manure. Only those who live in the country can appreciate that smell. 🙂 The landscape is also sprinkled with windmills – old and new. I prefer the look of the weathered windmill that has stood in a field for decades. If these could talk, I’m sure they would have amazing stories to tell.

So, there it is a view of the pure Nebraska landscape.

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All photos are originals by Kim Stites.


Back Yard Photographer

Rabbits, ground squirrels and several birds have had many snacks in my flower beds in my back yard. I thought for certain, these plants were gone for good. But, while cleaning up the flower beds, I saw that some of the plants are trying to grow back! Maybe there will be more color in my back yard as Fall approaches. 🙂

Some things did survive. We just had a few days of rain, so the blooms seem a little brighter. Some color to start your weekend.

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All photos are original by Kim Stites


Back Yard Photographer – Botanical Gardens Part 3 – the Statues

Along the walk at the botanical gardens there were various statues. Below are some of the statues. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Description of the next three statues which were carved on site.
Fish Bench

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All photographs are originals by Kim Stites.