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Back Yard Photographer – Sunflowers, Sunshine and Warmth

A Kiss of Sunlight

We’ve been having some snowy cold days here in the middle of the U.S. So many days in a row now that a hint of the sun peeking through the clouds brings about a feeling of warmth. Remembering the days when my daughter and I would go for a drive and find a place where we hadn’t been before so I could take some pictures. Some of those days were more hot than warm, but always a good time. Also thinking about the days when I would walk around the lake, with my camera in hand, enjoying the gentle breeze as I took pictures of the landscape or butterflies or different birds. Ahhh… those nice warm days.

Needing some reminders of the warmer days, I went through my photos from last year of flowers and flowering weeds. These were some nice memories of warmer (and sometimes much hotter) days. If you are having day after day of cold and clouds, maybe these flowers will make your days a feel a bit warmer too.

First Buds of Spring
Pretty in Pink
Standing tall
Hundreds of wishes to blow in the wind
Uniquely One

Until I can get back outdoors to take more photos, I am content to spend my evenings on the couch, with a blanket on as I write or edit photos or read but mostly, spending time on social media or watching some TV (British comedies are a favorite to watch) or playing solitaire on my laptop, each of these with my cat cuddled up next to me. Not really a bad way to spend time on a cold night. 🙂

However you are spending your time, I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos.

Thank you for stopping by!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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Back yard Photographer – Peaceful Lake

Do you have a place where you go when you just need some time?  It might be your escape or your reflective place or the place where you can just- be.  I have a place – it is the lake near my house.  Even on cold days, I love to go there, take pictures, watch the animals and some times just to listen.

Here’s a few pictures from the last time I was there:

Blending in

Uh oh I see you

A creek through the woods

Hill side

A bridge in the distance

Where is your place?  If you don’t already have a place, I hope you get to find one.


All pictures are originals by Kim Stites.


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Back yard Photographer – Cardinals

A family of cardinals has moved into the field behind my house and I could not be happier.  The opportunities to get pictures of the cardinals are almost endless.

Here’s a few of my most recent pictures:

Tree Top View

Working for some food

Wow this snow is bright!

This fascination/obsession of mine with cardinals has not been a life long thing.   It has only been since this past Summer when I got my camera and noticed the cardinals.  They may have been there all along, but this is the first that I have noticed and paid attention.

A few more pictures:


When I got my camera, there were some pictures that I had on my “to capture” list.  Getting a picture of the male cardinal was on that list.  His bright red feathers stand out in any backdrop: Winter snow, Summer green and the browns of Autumn.

Some examples:

DSC_0002BC 16DSC_0004

The more I tried to get pictures of the male, the more I got to see the female and the beauty she possess.  She doesn’t have the full body of red feathers, but her muted colors stand out on their own.  Her orange beak is vibrant and usually the first thing I notice.  Then her wings and tail feathers have a beautiful, subtle hue.

Here’s a few pictures of this beauty:

GC 15ADSC_0068GC 13


I’ve learned a few things about these birds as I have worked at getting pictures of them:

  •  Their distinctive sound.  I know when they are in the yard or the nearby trees, because I hear their chirp.  That is my queue to get my camera and take some pictures.
  • Best time of day to get a picture of a cardinal – Near sunrise or sunset.  Once I knew this little tidbit I would watch for the cardinals at these times.  Almost without fail, the would be near the bird feeder at these times.

If the belief is true:  A sighting of a cardinal is the spirit of a loved one coming to visit, then I am very blessed as I get visited daily.

Hope you are blessed with inspiration and peace.  Have a wonderful day!


I Chose Happiness


The clouds are dark
yet I see
the light,
the brightness that can be.

The day is filled with hope
and possibilities.
It really all depends on me.

Shall I be angry that things are not quite right?

Shall I be sad because things didn’t go my way?

Shall I just let it go
and know,
That this is who I am
and how I shall always be.

This me may not be who others want to see.
That’s ok.

I look in the mirror and reflect
upon the person staring back at me.

I can look her in the eyes
and know that this is who I am.

The struggle, the decision, the question.
All had to be dealt with
All had to be seen.

And now, finally, everything is right
because I chose happiness.