Back Yard Photographer – Waterside Collage

Five hours flies by when doing something enjoyable. That is exactly what happened when visiting a small lake to get some landscape photos. Not all the photos turned out to be landscape, some were just critters that caught my eye.

Without many words (difficult for me!!) here’s a couple collages from my five hours, lakeside with my camera.

These pictures were taken throughout the morning, starting around 6:00 am and at different points along the lake. This makes for a variation in the colors not only of the sky, but also the water.

Hope you like these pictures! If you have questions about any of the photos – feel free to ask. You know – every picture has a story! Like the dandelion, it reminds me of… Wait! I said this post would have a few words. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog! 🙂

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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Back Yard Photographer – Glass Ball Experiments

Who knew using the glass ball could be so much fun?? Late winter I had taken some photos of the snow using the glass ball (earlier post), so naturally when spring came around I had to take some more photos with the glass ball. Hope you like these!

I tried capturing irises through the glass ball, but the experiment didn’t turn out like I had hoped. The composition was ok, but there were technical aspects that should have been better. Some more detailed editing would definitely improve these photos, but I wanted to show you the concept. And give you a few hints. The hints aren’t new, but they are a good visual of why you need to pay attention. 🙂

Hint 1: When using the glass ball, having the sun behind you isn’t necessarily the best idea as it causes glare. (Yikes! My eyes burn a little when I look at this photo!)

Hint 2: Placement is EVERYTHING! Since the purpose of the photo is to capture the subject within the glass ball, cropping while editing can’t remove unwanted distractions because it takes away from the glass ball. In the photo below (and trust me – many more) the grill shows. This does NOT add to the composition I was going for! Yes, editing could be done to get to the photo I wanted, but it is always best to have near perfect photo before editing. It just simplifies things.

So, with some cropping (does take away from the point of the photo) and a little editing (removing the glare), here’s what I ended up with:

And this is why I titled this Glass Ball Experiments – some worked and some didn’t. I shall keep trying – practice, practice, practice!!! 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my post!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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Back Yard Photographer – Chasing Sunrises

What else encapsulates all the hope and promises of a brand new day like a sunrise? The variation of color and the overall beauty is like natures biggest embrace. It tells you, “You got this! Today is your day!” Many mornings, while I was in between jobs and feeling all of the horrible feelings of worthlessness, being outside feeling the sun’s rays on me, I just knew I could continue in my search. Yes, there truly is magic in a sunrise.

Now that I’m working again (fortunately I was able to work a temporary position during the pandemic that has now become full time work), I enjoy the sunrises as I travel to work. It isn’t quite the same, as standing on my deck and enjoying the sunrise, but the hopes and promises are the same. 🙂

Through all of this I never took the time to photograph a sunrise. Silly – right? So much opportunity, yet I didn’t take it. So, I took a day of vacation and went chasing a sunrise.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog – hope you enjoy the photos!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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Back Yard Photographer – Northern Cardinal – The Date

Northern Cardinals on lookout

It starts with a song. The male cardinal sings to attract their mate. Once she responds , the courtship truly begins. Here are some photos from this cardinal pair’s first date. (At least it is their first date in my mind – makes everything seem just that much sweeter!)

“Would you like to share a seed with me?” Asked the male Northern Cardinal. He had been practicing the “move” for months. Ever since his love responded to his song.

Being some what shy, the female Northern Cardinal hesitated for a moment and then whispered “Yes.”

Without a second thought, he jumped to share her fence post and the seed.

The seed, and the first kiss, shared.

His heart pounded as he kissed his love. He knew this moment would change his life forever. He couldn’t be happier.

His love, his one true love – forever.

There you have it – the Northern Cardinal’s love story. Guess I’m going to have to look for a nest nearby. 😉

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog. Hope you liked it!!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless


Back Yard Photographer – Macro Lens!

Yes, the bigger nature subjects are what I typically gravitate towards: animals, birds, landscapes. But I also have a fascination with insects of all kinds and close up various flowers. Using the zoom capabilities of my regular lens, I’ve been able to get some decent photos close up. But I decided it was time to venture into the Macro world and see what fascinating subjects I will find.

Below are some of my first attempts with my new lens, so these aren’t perfect shots, but I believe a fairly good starting point. As with everything, the more practice, the better things become. Hope you enjoy these first attempts!

Please note – I do not know the names of the various flowers I have planted in containers, which were the subject of these photos. I picked the flowers because I liked the colors together and I thought they were pretty. I’m waiting for the flowers to start blooming in the area where I am trying to get a butterfly garden going before I photograph those. (I actually know the names of the butterfly garden flowers because I planted with purpose in mind.) 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog! Hope you like the photos. 🙂

Photos are originals by Kim Lawless