Lighting the Way

Original Poem and Photo by Kim Stites


Lighting the way

I walked along the beach trying to find peace. Rain began to fall- Hiding the tears that streamed down my face. Peace eluded me once again.

I stared at the ocean for hours, searching for answers. Lightning flashed across the sky- A storm was taking over me. And answers were not to be found.

I lay on the beach, praying that this would be the end. A cool wind blew- Trying to help me feel again. The absence of feeling was torture.

Then amidst the craziness of the storm I saw the light. It beckoned me. It gave me hope. I went to it.

At the light- My peace is within reach. Answers are being found. Most of all- feeling has returned.

This light this wonderful light… It is my Lighthouse, lighting the way.

A little note about this post. This is a poem I wrote several years ago when I was going through a difficult time. A good friend had recommended I write down my thoughts and emotions. I wasn’t able to fully take ownership of my feelings, so I worked on them through my poetry. I have this poem in the form of a cross-stitch picture (my Mom designed the lighthouse to go with my poem) in my home office. It is a reminder of where I have been and encouragement when I need a reminder that there is light – even in the darkest days.

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Darkness Erupts

Poem and photographs are originals of Kim Stites



Like the boiling of lava within the volcano
Anger, distrust and violence grows.
And then one day – everything explodes.

Is this is a sign of the end
Or a way to begin again?

Evil and darkness walk triumphantly through the streets
Keeping goodness and light
from the people who still try to fight.

What does this mean?
Is there hope?

Can humankind be kind again?


Just look and you will see.
A little spark in many things.

Strangers, we may be,
yet we help others in need.

The kindness may be large or it may be small
but still a kindness after all.

So, even as darkness continues to erupt,
a sparkle of light can be seen.
Hope shall always be the destroyer of the enemy.

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Tiny Hands

ryker's hand 3

Tiny hands and feet

You’re my heart, my love and joy

Blessed to have you here



original photograph and poem by Kim Stites

I’m trying to expand upon my poetry writing skills by refreshing/trying different types of poetry.  The above is a Haiku.  Typically these are written about trees, flowers – nature.  I tend not to follow the rules, so mine is about my grandson.  🙂

Hope you enjoy the poem and the picture!

Do you have a favorite style of poetry either to read or to write?  I would love to hear about them!


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New, Old Friend

Original Poem and Photograph by Kim Stites

black and white bench

I saw her every day
while upon my walks.

She sat upon the bench
and never really talked.

I’ve nodded as I walked past
as a greeting, a gesture of hello.

She would glance, but look away
staring at the ground below.

Then one day she startled me
with a simple “Hi”.

I waved as I walked on by.

The next day, she requested that I sit.
Without hesitation, that is what I did.

Since then we chat
nearly every day

I know her children, her grandchildren
and her husband who recently passed away.

We spend our time laughing
As she shares her beautiful memories

I look forward to my walks even more.
As I get to spend time with my new, old friend, whom I adore.