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Back Yard Photographer – American Robin

A Robin’s Song

A song is heard in the distance, beautiful and pure.

A song of love, beauty and cheer.

A song to hear at the start of the day.

A song of promise and happiness as we go on our way.

A song in the evening as the day fades.

A song encapsulating how the day played.

Poem by Kim Lawless

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All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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Darkness is Moving In

Darkness is Moving In

Another day of fighting,
fighting the internal storms.
Darkness is moving in.

Positive thoughts and smiles
can only push it back for so long.
Darkness is moving in.

Every day a new struggle,
a fake life.
Darkness is moving in.

The laughter has faded,
replaced by tears that never fall.
Darkness is moving in.

It is done.
It is over.
Darkness has won.

original poem by Kim Stites

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A Path to Take


A path presented, where will it lead?

Will there be success or failure?

Will there be happiness or more sadness?

Will there be challenges or will it finally be easy?

Will there be excitement or fear?

Will there be belonging or loneliness?

Will there be…?

Will there be…?

Will there be…?

No one can know.

Only you can see…

on the path you take.

Original poem and photo by Kim Stites

Poetry · Writing


Another day of staring at the blank page
many words racing,
but none stopping to be displayed.

Are they shy
or hiding
or something more?

They tease,
and laugh.

Some times YELL
and some times whisper
and some times cry.

These words.
What will they be
when they decide to stop by?


Original poem by Kim Stites