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Back Yard Photographer – Where did the Summer go?

Summer Time Grilling

Procrastination does not make Summer last longer – trust me, I tried. 🙂 I have started this post so many times, that I have lost count. The plan was to have it posted the first day of Autumn, well that didn’t work out (obviously). I’ve been in a weird place lately – but I feel myself coming out of it.

At the beginning of the year I had vowed to focus on being grateful and showing gratitude – boy have I fallen off that wagon! It wasn’t until this morning, when I sat down to write (and finish) this post that I realized just how bad I’ve been. I started off being very negative and whining about what hadn’t happened. Then it struck me – there had been a lot of good things happen and that is where my focus should be. So, I deleted the post and started again. Time to focus on good things.

There was a post where someone had mentioned that they like to look at the start of Autumn as a new beginning and not as the end of the Summer season. That got me thinking – what a great attitude! It truly all is in perspective and what you make of the moment. So, I’m shaking of the grumpiness (I will save that for another day – Ha!) and getting back to looking at the world through grateful eyes.

This Summer was spent mainly at home, which was fine. I got to spend time in my yard, working in my flower garden and taking lots of pictures of flowers. I tried to grow zinnias this year – they were very successful! Not only did they take over one of my flower beds, but the butterflies, bees and hummingbirds loved them!! Guess what will be in the flower bed next year. 😉

The time I spent in my yard taking photos, was nice and I did have fun. I had at least three hummingbirds flying around the yard. I spent many evenings trying to capture the “perfect” photo of a hummingbird. I had been outside with such frequency that one day when I was getting photos of zinnias, one of my neighbors asked if I had gotten a picture of the hummingbird yet. 🙂 Well, I didn’t get what I thought was the perfect photo, but I did get a few that I liked. Here’s a few of the better ones – hope you like them too:

Since there had been so much success with the zinnias – they were the subject of a bunch of photos. Here’s a few of my favorites:

I did get some photos of bees, butterflies and Frank (the squirrel that visits our back yard), but I will save those for a cold wintery day when a little reminder of Summer, just might be needed.

Now, Autumn – the beautiful colors, crisp air, camp fires and the promise of new beginnings. It really is a matter of perspective.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog. Hope you enjoy it!!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

2 thoughts on “Back Yard Photographer – Where did the Summer go?

  1. I enjoyed your blog. I have always liked Fall. It is the month of my birthday! I like the thought of “new beginnings.” Although there are a number of events that happened over the past few months, this will truly be a “new beginning” for me. Being in my apartment alone and having only lots and lots of amazing memories of Jim, some days are great and some days not so great. However, I know Jim wants the best for me and because of that I know with God’s help this will be possible. Thank you for the thought of “new beginnings.” Love You!

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