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Back Yard Photographer – More Macro Fun!


Love my micro lens! The detail is awesome – even with a slightly shaky amateur photographer. In the title photo the lens picked up the detail of the cotton seeds that had landed on the zinnia. In the photo it looks like very faint spider webs. We have and lots of cotton wood seeds in the yard this year. At some points it almost looked like we had snow. End result – most everything has a thin layer of the cotton substance on it. Oh well, just some added detail. πŸ™‚

Back to the micro lens… after water the flowers in the gardens, I saw the water beading on the roses and started taking pictures. There’s just something about water beading on roses.

Even without the water beads, I like the detail of small flowers captured by the micro lens. Here’s a few more examples.

I’ve been try to capture some insects with the micro lens (who doesn’t like a good fly or dragon fly photo??) – but my timing has not been great. I haven’t had my micro lens on the camera when flies are bothering my while I try to capture some bird photos. One day, a really pretty blue and green fly landed on my hand. It seemed quite content to sit on my hand. I happen to have the micro lens near-by, so I attempted to change lenses with the fly still on my hand. I actually was able to change the lens, however the fly took off before I was able to get the shot in focus. (It is really hard to hold the camera in one hand and focus the shot while the subject is on the hand you are trying to use to focus the shot.) I shall not give up! Soon (I hope) there will be a post with insects.

Until I get those insects, I hope you enjoy the flower photos!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog!!!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless.

4 thoughts on “Back Yard Photographer – More Macro Fun!

  1. The water droplets on the flowers make the picture look like crystal. I especially like the photo of the pink rose. My imagination tells me this could have been a picture of a hand blown glass rose. Nonetheless, I like the photos.

  2. You must have one heck of a macro lens–those photos are super!
    Zinnia are my new favorite from seed flower, along with marigolds. I love the details of your zinnia especially.

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