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Back Yard Photographer – Chasing Sunrises

What else encapsulates all the hope and promises of a brand new day like a sunrise? The variation of color and the overall beauty is like natures biggest embrace. It tells you, “You got this! Today is your day!” Many mornings, while I was in between jobs and feeling all of the horrible feelings of worthlessness, being outside feeling the sun’s rays on me, I just knew I could continue in my search. Yes, there truly is magic in a sunrise.

Now that I’m working again (fortunately I was able to work a temporary position during the pandemic that has now become full time work), I enjoy the sunrises as I travel to work. It isn’t quite the same, as standing on my deck and enjoying the sunrise, but the hopes and promises are the same. 🙂

Through all of this I never took the time to photograph a sunrise. Silly – right? So much opportunity, yet I didn’t take it. So, I took a day of vacation and went chasing a sunrise.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog – hope you enjoy the photos!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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