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Back Yard Photographer – Meet Little Frank

Ground Squirrel – Little Frank

Yes, it is that time of the year again – the love/hate relationship with the ground squirrel continues. However, this year there is a new twist. I have a helper with the birds and my flower gardens – my grandson. He is two and a half and loves to be outside. He has a great time pointing out Little Frank when ever he sees a ground squirrel.

Why the name Little Frank? Well, naturally there is a story. 🙂

Ever since I have been feeding the birds, the squirrels have been enjoying more than their fair share of bird food. Many different tactics have been utilized to keep the squirrels out of the bird food. One of which is to open our deck door and yell at the squirrel. Probably the least effective of all, but it gets them away from the food for a little while. During all of this, I would take pictures of the squirrels – because they are just so darn cute! I named the squirrel I would photograph Frank (yes there were several different squirrels I’m sure, but they were all named Frank – I couldn’t tell them apart!).

Here’s Frank:

Squirrel – Frank

My toddler grandson loved to join in yelling at Frank to chase him out of the yard. It is rather cute to hear a little two year old yell, “Go away Frank!” So, this has become a thing. One of the first things my grandson does when he comes over is look out the window to see if Frank is in the back yard. The other day when he came over, it was the same thing – run to the window and look for Frank. He didn’t see Frank this time, but he did see the little ground squirrel.

Ryker (my grandson), squealed with delight as he ran to the deck door, giggling, “Little Frank!! Little Frank!!” I was right behind Ryker and asked him if he wanted to chase Little Frank away. His delighted response was jumping and saying, “Yes!!” I picked Ryker up and we went out onto the deck.

Little Frank had heard us and disappeared into the long grass of the yard.

Betch can’t see me!!

Ryker still saw him and screamed, “Go away Little Frank!”

The ground squirrel stopped in the grass. He then stealthily moved through the lawn trying not to be noticed.

It worked on me – I lost sight of him, but Ryker did not. Ryker kept pointing and saying, “Little Frank! Little Frank!” Yet the ground squirrel continued on his adventure through the yard.

Hiding in plain sight
Food time!
But first a prayer…
Take one more look

As the ground squirrel took one more look around the yard, Ryker yelled again, “Go away Little Frank!” The ground squirrel took off running. Ryker was delighted and excited to tell Grandpa how he had chased Little Frank away.

Yes, Little Frank does continue to come into the yard and nibble on the bird food on the ground as if Ryker hadn’t scared him away. But soon, Ryker will be back and trying to scare Little Frank away again. I have no doubt this cycle will continue all Summer.

Little Frank got his name because Ryker heard us say ground squirrel. He could tell it was smaller than Frank (the squirrel in the trees). Little Frank, simply means Little Squirrel to Ryker. 🙂

Hope you liked the story and the photos of Little Frank.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog!!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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