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Back Yard Photographer – Snow way!

The two to three inches of snow became almost eight inches in about four hours. This time however, the temperature was slightly below freezing (around 30 degrees Fahrenheit / -1 degree Celsius). This meant I could go outside and take some pictures without having to worry about frost bite! This meant I could experiment with some camera settings and other things to see what I liked best. Thank goodness the camera stores the settings because I couldn’t remember if I had adjusted aperture or shutter speed for which picture. πŸ™‚

For a little while the flakes were big and really pretty as the fell down. By the time I got outside to take some photos the snow had changed to more of a rain/snow mix so the big flakes were gone. I still tried to get pictures of the falling snow. Below are a few where you can see the snow falling. But with the combination of the smaller flakes and not the most ideal camera settings, it mostly looks like noise with a few bright spots. I still like how the below pictures turned out.

Look! Snow flakes!! (black and white seemed to show it best)
There is some noise in this photo, however a glimpse of snow flakes can be seen around the House Finch’s red feathers.

The trees became weighted down because of the heavy snow. In some instances the way the branches were intertwined, it almost looks like the branches are working together to hold the snow in place. Below are a couple examples.

There is nothing quite like the look of the trees after/during the snow fall. The snow did not last long on the trees. Within a couple of hours of these pictures the trees were bare again. Hope you likes these:

There were also some attempts made at capturing the landscape through a glass ball. I am going to experiment more with this as the weather warms and I work on more landscapes. The deck seemed to be the ideal spot to try this out today – everything else was covered with snow. After brushing off a small space on the deck railing, the glass ball was placed on the railing and a few photos were taken from different angles.

This coming week, most of the snow will melt away. Maybe the greening landscape will be coming soon! πŸ™‚

Thank you for stopping by and checking it out!!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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