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Back Yard Photographer – Red-headed Woodpecker


Meet Charlie. (Woody and Red seemed a bit obvious, so I went with Charlie.) For a bit, I would refer to him as my husband’s friend, because Charlie would only stay around long enough for my husband to see him. As soon as I would grab my camera, he would fly away.

Charlie and his mate live in some trees by a stream near our home. I get to watch them from a distance, never really close up. Here’s a photo of one of them landing in the trees. It is out of focus, but for a while it was the best photo I had.

Charlie Landing

Then one evening Charlie landed on our deck. During the day I had been power washing the deck to get the paint off so I could re-stain it. I think Charlie could sense the fresh wood and came to check it out. That evening was one of the many times I didn’t have my camera handy and I missed the shot.

Charlie did start to become too comfortable in the yard and on the deck as he soon ventured to our roof. It is not a good time to be woke from a deep sleep by the sound of a woodpecker pecking vigorously at your roof. Fortunately, it only took me stepping out onto the deck for him to fly away.

As I continued to work on getting the deck refinished, Charlie kept coming around (thankfully not back on the roof!). Once I started staining the deck, he moved onto our neighbors yard and would perch upon the fence. This is when I was finally able to get some better, closer photos. Here’s a couple:

Being Aloof

In the above photo, he tried to ignore me and just stared off. He was just being aloof.

In the below photo he was staring at me. Charlie didn’t seem too happy that I was still taking his picture. 🙂

We are done now.

This was the last time Charlie visited the fence and he hasn’t come back to the deck. However, we do see him fly over our yard as he goes from the neighbors mulberry bush back to his nest. Now I’m trying to get a photo of Charlie in flight. He has given me several opportunities, but the photos were just too blurry. Charlie knows I’m going to keep trying until I get it. Thankfully he continues to indulge me. Hopefully the next photo I post of Charlie will be him flying. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog! I hope you liked the photos. 🙂

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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