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Back Yard Photographer – A New Bird!


There are so many fun things that happen when going out and about with a camera. One of the best things is noticing things that might have been missed. An example is all the different birds that can be seen. I’ve seen a lot of different birds this year which I hadn’t noticed previously. Some of this is because of the changing vegetation which is drawing the the birds in, but mostly I’m allowing myself to be more aware. Time has taken on new meaning.

During one of my excursions where I was trying to capture the different types of dragonflies flitting about by the lake, I was distracted by the high pitched sound of a nearby bird. The sound was reminiscent of birds I had heard near the ocean. The dragonflies would have to wait. I needed to find this bird.

It wasn’t easy to find him. He blends in with the surroundings and is about the size of a Robin (20-28 cm in length and weighs about 75 – 128 g). I finally spotted it laying on a gravel road near the lake. These birds are considered to be shorebirds, however they are usually found on open areas with very little vegetation. That is why he was laying on the gravel road.

The Killdeer was in my part of the for breeding purposes, so they are only here a short time. Guess I lucked out seeing him.

For more information about this bird I recommend visiting: This website is great! It is a great user experience as it is easy to go through and find a variety of information on various birds. Definitely my go to when I am researching birds.

Here’s another photo of the Killdeer. In this one he is calling out. He must have been agitated.

Killdeer singing

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog!

All photos are originals by Kim Lawless

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