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Back Yard Photographer – Gold Finches having Dinner

Taking multiple pictures of a subject can lead to some pretty interesting photos. Not always what was expected, but interesting. The other day several gold finches were flying around the bird feeders. My current finch feeder only has places for two birds to eat at a time. On this particular day the two spots were a dilemma for the finches. Here’s a picture of one of the finches waiting for his turn. And yes, only one of the places was taken, but this finch never did go for the second spot.

Patiently waiting for his turn at the feeder.

In this next photo the finch had gotten tired of waiting.

It is MY turn!!

Sadly he overshot the feeder and landed on the fence behind. He doesn’t look happy. The picture below isn’t the best, but I think it captures his mood. 🙂

I want food!

This little finch, then decided on much more aggressive approach as the next picture captures.


This approach did nothing to help the bird get to the feeding spot. The other bird pushed his aggressor off and went about eating, after scolding the other bird. The picture below shows the scolding that occurred.

Just wait your turn!!!

The bird then decided to not wait any longer. He flew to another bird feeder and was able to get some food.

All of this could have been avoided if only the bird had gone to the other perch on the feeder. He would have had his food and wouldn’t have gotten into a fight. Guess most species could learn from this – Look at all possibilities.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog! Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the gold finches.

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All photos are originals by Kim Stites.

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