Lighting the Way

Original Poem and Photo by Kim Stites


Lighting the way

I walked along the beach trying to find peace. Rain began to fall- Hiding the tears that streamed down my face. Peace eluded me once again.

I stared at the ocean for hours, searching for answers. Lightning flashed across the sky- A storm was taking over me. And answers were not to be found.

I lay on the beach, praying that this would be the end. A cool wind blew- Trying to help me feel again. The absence of feeling was torture.

Then amidst the craziness of the storm I saw the light. It beckoned me. It gave me hope. I went to it.

At the light- My peace is within reach. Answers are being found. Most of all- feeling has returned.

This light this wonderful light… It is my Lighthouse, lighting the way.

A little note about this post. This is a poem I wrote several years ago when I was going through a difficult time. A good friend had recommended I write down my thoughts and emotions. I wasn’t able to fully take ownership of my feelings, so I worked on them through my poetry. I have this poem in the form of a cross-stitch picture (my Mom designed the lighthouse to go with my poem) in my home office. It is a reminder of where I have been and encouragement when I need a reminder that there is light – even in the darkest days.

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