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Back yard photographer -Argh! When can I get out?

Weather, work schedules and life in general don’t always provide opportunities to spend quality time for taking pictures.  This doesn’t mean I put my camera in the closet and wait for the ideal time to get the pictures I want.  Sometimes you just have to improvise and do what you can.

This is when my pets and objects in the house get to be the subjects of my photographs.  Some days the animals are more willing to be the subjects and other days they would much rather hide.  So when the animals hide, I end up taking pictures of different things around my house – either inside the house or viewing from my window.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken over the past couple of days when the weather has been too cold to spend anytime outside.

These are a couple of garden statues I have sitting on my deck.  The snail looks a little angry about being covered with snow. 🙂

garden snail
Snow? Really?
blue gnome
This weather makes me feel blue.

My cat was feeling left out, so he posed for some pictures.  OK, he didn’t really pose, but he didn’t take off running!

I also captured some new pictures of the cardinal in my backyard.  With the gray of the day, the red of the cardinal seems so much brighter.

c birdfeeder 8cardinal in a treecardinal on a fence

What are some changes you have had to make and still been able to achieve your goals?

Please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Back yard photographer -Argh! When can I get out?

  1. A good plan to take out dust over camera. I love these shots. There is snow all over and I did take some shots but migh tbe able to post them tomorrow. I totally agree with your beginning sentence as I often find myself in the same situation.

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