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Backyard Photographer – Look Who Came to visit.

hawk 3a

This hawk must have heard from all the other birds that we provide birdseed.  The hawk was not there to snack on birdseed.  He was checking out the plumpness of the birds that were enjoying the birdseed.  Fortunately he did not get a snack.

I was excited and saddened all at the same time when I was getting this picture.  Getting a picture of a Hawk in the wild has been on my To Do List.  I have gotten pictures of them in captivity, but it isn’t quite the same.

As I was memorized by the beauty, I saw him slowly turn his head.  He was checking out the buffet of the birds below him.  He then jumped to the ground, in the field, near the birds and he started walking towards the tree where my cardinals lived.  I started dancing around and trying not to scream, “Oh no, Not my cardinals!” I was taking the pictures from inside my house, so I didn’t disturb any of the creatures while I was trying NOT to be hysterical.  I then saw the cardinals take off and the hawk looked around on the ground some more.  He soon became bored of the hunt and took off.  Whew!

Here’s a few more pictures of the Hawk.  Hope you enjoy these pictures.

hawk 1
Stopping by to check things out.
hawk 4a
A bird has been found
hawk 4
Is there a cardinal in that tree?

Here’s a few pictures of the cardinals I was worried about.


All photos are original photos taken by Kim Stites.

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