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Darkness is Moving In

Darkness is Moving In

Another day of fighting,
fighting the internal storms.
Darkness is moving in.

Positive thoughts and smiles
can only push it back for so long.
Darkness is moving in.

Every day a new struggle,
a fake life.
Darkness is moving in.

The laughter has faded,
replaced by tears that never fall.
Darkness is moving in.

It is done.
It is over.
Darkness has won.

original poem by Kim Stites


Back Yard Photographer – Moon at Sunset

While outside trying to capture a picture of a Dark-Eyed Junco that was playing in the bushes, I noticed the moon peeking through the trees. On one side of me I had the sun setting and the other side was the moon. Thought it was pretty. Hope you like the photo!

Moon at sun set

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Back Yard Photographer – Mourning Doves

Mourning Doves

On a rainy afternoon August, 2019 these mourning doves rested on the fence under the leaves of the tree, trying to stay dry. The rain lasted about 30 minutes, then the doves nibbled on some bird seed and took off.

I’m glad I got to watch them for a little while. 🙂

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Photos are originals by Kim Stites

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A Path to Take


A path presented, where will it lead?

Will there be success or failure?

Will there be happiness or more sadness?

Will there be challenges or will it finally be easy?

Will there be excitement or fear?

Will there be belonging or loneliness?

Will there be…?

Will there be…?

Will there be…?

No one can know.

Only you can see…

on the path you take.

Original poem and photo by Kim Stites

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Back Yard Photographer – Favorite Photo of 2019

What a great year this has been for my hobbies! I have had fun going different places and seeing the sites through my camera. I’ve been taking photos for just over a year and half now. I have enjoyed every minute of it! I believe I’m getting better, but continue to learn and expand my skills.

Writing was my first love. I remember writing poems and stories in high school for my Creative Writing course and just for fun. I enjoyed watching people read my work and seeing their expressions. It is a wonderful feeling having people moved emotionally by your work. My writing was shelved for quite a few years. It has felt good to be writing again, even if it isn’t the great novel of my childhood dreams, just stretching my creativity feels good.

As I continue to blog, I continue to learn. I have successes and I have failures – all of which are wonderful teachers. Thank you for being on the excursion with me!

I’ve said it before and it continues to be true, “Every story has a picture and every picture has a story.” I’m looking forward to another year of pictures and stories. 🙂

My favorite photo is “Dock on the Lake”. It isn’t a technically outstanding photo. There are elements that can be improved upon. But it makes me smile and my heart skip a beat when I see it. This is the place I go when I need to be reminded that there are things bigger than me, that beauty is everywhere, and that nature is a gift. This is where I go and lose myself, in the sounds of the ducks, geese, lapping of the waves on the lake, people fishing nearby and of the families enjoying some time together having a picnic. It is my peace.

Dock on the Lake

I hope you have enjoyed my blog this past year – with the photos, poems and short stories. More to come in 2020! 🙂

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Photos are originals by Kim Stites

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Back Yard Photographer – Favorite Animal Photos

Took some time today to look at the pictures of animals I took in 2019. I had a lot of fun going to various places to get pictures this past year. The photos that are my favorite are the ones that weren’t planned, but the timing was just right. And of course pictures of Bruno, my dog, and Milo, my cat. Those two have my heart. 🙂 Hope you like these pictures! What is your favorite?

That’s the last grouping of photos I will be sharing in 2019. Tomorrow night’s post will be my favorite photo for the year.

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All photos are originals by Kim Stites


Back Yard Photographer – Favorite Flower Photos

Today we are experiencing rain, dropping temperatures, icy roads and snow. It has been a gray day. What a better time to take a look at all the flower pictures I’ve taken in 2019. I thought I had a lot of landscapes! I have a lot of flower photos too. 🙂

Looking at these colorful photos on such a gray day, made it really difficult to pick just six. I hope you like my choices!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! Do you have a favorite?

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog! Tomorrow I’m going to share my six favorite animal photos. A couple might even be from our zoo. 🙂

All photos are originals by Kim Stites